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ENZ® Nozzle Rebuild Kits - Hydro-Max Jetter

ENZ® Nozzle Rebuild Kits

SKU: 66.21020-020

ENZ® Rebuild Kits

The ultimate solution for restoring your ENZ Rotodrill, ENZ Mini Rotodrill, or ENZ Bend Rotodrill sewer nozzle to like-new condition.

Over time, even the most durable sewer nozzles can wear out, resulting in reduced performance and efficiency. That's where the ENZ Rebuild Kit comes in. This kit includes all the necessary components to rebuild your worn out nozzle and restore it to its original performance.

SKU Mini Rotodrill Bend HydroX
36.025xx Mini 1/8", 1/4" Bend 1/4"
36.038xx Rotodrill 3/8" Bend 3/8"
36.050xx Rotodrill 1/2" Bend 1/2"
36.050 & 36.075xx Rotodrill 1/2", 3/4" Bend 1/2"
36.075xx Rotodrill 3/4"
36.050HE235 Rotodrill HydroX
36.100 Rotodrill 1"

Don't let a worn out nozzle slow you down. Restore your ENZ Rotodrill Nozzle with the ENZ Rebuild Kit and experience like-new performance and efficiency. Order your kit today and get back to tackling even the toughest sewer cleaning jobs with confidence!