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Premier Kit 1/2"

SKU: 335-BS-Premier-Kit-1/2

The Premier Nozzle Kit

The Premier Nozzle Kit, the ultimate solution for all your sewer cleaning needs. This comprehensive kit includes four high-performance nozzles from BLUESTAR, each designed for specific applications, ensuring versatility and efficiency in every cleaning task.

Learn More About the Nozzles Below

General Nozzle

Flushing Nozzle

Experience the efficiency in all-around sewer cleaning with the General Nozzle.

Typhoon Nozzle

Rotating Nozzle

Experience continuous cleaning with Typhoon Nozzle's advanced design.

Arrow Nozzle

Penetrating Nozzle

Efficiently clear drains with Arrow Nozzle's four concentrated forward jets.

Standard Nozzle

Cleaning Nozzle

Excels with 23° water jet for efficiency, Easy to Maneuver.

Optimal Performance and Secure Storage

To complement these powerful nozzles, the Premier Nozzle Kit also includes a Nozzle Bar and Tip Cleaner, providing you with the tools necessary to maintain and optimize the performance of your equipment. The durable construction of the nozzles, coupled with the convenience of the cleaning accessories, makes this kit an indispensable asset for plumbers and professionals alike. Order now and elevate your sewer cleaning capabilities with the Premier Nozzle Kit.