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WARTHOG WS NOZZLE 1/2" - Hydro-Max Jetter
WARTHOG WS NOZZLE 1/2" - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Rotating
Jets 1/2": 2R/1F
Angles 1/2": 150°R/15°F


SKU: 200-WS-1/2-Whiphose-Pkg

Warthog WS 1/2" Nozzle

The Warthog WS 1/2" sewer jetting nozzle is designed to handle 4" to 8" lines. WS Nozzles have stellar maneuverability and long-lasting viscous fluid life. This is a fan favorite for getting the job done.

These nozzles have been engineered to clear blockages and clean lines with efficiency and ease. The Warthog series of nozzles is an essential tool to any plumbers nozzle lineup. This series has some of the best customer satisfaction ratings of most nozzles.

1/2" WS Warthog Nozzle Specs
** Please call us for more information about the descaler head. **

Warthog nozzles use a fluid braking system to slow and control nozzle rotation. This gives the jets time to penetrate and break up deposits so they easily remove grease, cut roots, and clear ice and soil blockages.

The Warthog WS Classic Nozzle has a 1/2″ NPT connection and can deliver up to 20 gpm on a 400' hose with cleaning pressure of 3K-4K PSI

Models with a descaler head allow a higher level of cleaning when scale, tuberculation, corrosive products, soaps, and minerals build up on the sewer walls. It does this with two additional 105-degree jets combined with a plug on the front insert for maximum sewer wall cleaning. This nozzle setup has a working line length of up to 500'.

To help with your project, we recommend using either a Tyger-Tail or a leader hose.

Maintaining the Warthog WS Classic Nozzle will give you years of cleaning power from one nozzle purchase. Keep the tool full of viscous fluid, the orifices clean and replace seals as needed. Find more about our Service Kits and Overhaul Kits here!

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