Brute Skid/Cart Jetter

9 GPM • 4000 PSI / 12 GPM • 3000 PSI

Brief Overview

Jetter Dimensions

L 45″ X W 33″ X H 46″


  • 2 Available Styles; 9 GPM • 4000 PSI or 12 GPM • 3000 PSI
  • 300-ft. Premium Jetting Hose
    (3012 • 1/2" / 4009 • 3/8")
  • Dry Weight: 498 lbs.
  • Modular Frame Design can be configured for use as a Portable Jetter
  • Fuel Injected Engine with Udor Pump

Financing Available


Know Your Flow

Lets break it down

3000 PSI • 12 GPM

  • 1/2" Sewer Hose
  • Ideal for 6" or Larger Jobs
  • More Flushing Power

4000 PSI • 9 GPM

  • 3/8" Sewer Hose
  • Ideal for 6" or Smaller Jobs
  • More Penetrating Power

Brute Skid/Cart Jetter

Your drain cleaning solution


All Controls for safe operation are Panel Mounted just below the Hose-Reel


Draws water from Hose-Bib or easily connects to a Larger Water-Tank(several tank-sizes available, or provide your own !)


Easily Remove Portability Kit for mounting in your Van/Truck/Trailer as a Skid.
*Optional Propane-Fueled Jetter

Discover why professionals trust
the Brute


  • Welded Steel Roll Cage Frame with Powder-Coated finish
  • Modular Frame Design can be configured for use as a Portable Jetter or as a compact Mountable-Skid Jetter; either option you choose can be changed later as your needs change
  • Heavy-Duty Hose Reel, welded steel A-Frame style with pillow block bearings
  • Able to draw water from a larger tank (portable and mountable tanks are available options)
  • UDOR “Super-Duty” Triplex Plunger Pump


  • 5-Gallon Fuel Tank, CARB/EPA approved
  • Kohler Fuel-Injected 747cc OHV Engine (or optional 25-HP Propane-fueled)
  • 12-Gallon Water Buffer tank with internal Float Valve to prevent over-filling
  • 5000-PSI rated Hose Reel Swivel with Grease-fitting
  • 3-Way Jetting-Control Valve: directs water to the cleaning-nozzle OR dumps pressure by bypassing water back to the tank, keeping the pump cool
  • 300-ft. Premium Jetting Hose, Made in USA (3012 • 1/2" / 4009 • 3/8")
  • Jetter Dimensions: L 45″ X W 33″ X H 46″
  • Dry Weight: 498 lbs.



With the brute's controls at your fingertips

drain cleaning has never been more effortless !

The Control Panel

All Controls are conveniently Panel-Mounted below the Hose-Reel for efficient operation
  • Engine Key-Switchand Engine-Throttleare located on panel, near the Jetting controls
  • Pressure-Gauge(liquid-filled) on the panel shows working pressure
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator: provides a wide range of adjustment and enables the use of Remote
  • Shutoff-Valvesor Foot-Pedals
  • Pulsation-Controlon panel adjusts from light vibration to full pulse mode
  • Engine Hour-Meter / Tachometer: helps track maintenance intervals, & shows engine RPM while running

Accessories included with

the Brute jetter

Premier Nozzle Kit

  • Tremol- Spinner Nozzle for Descaling and Grease etc.
  • Eg-A-Nator- Egg Style Flushing Nozzle
  • Isonzo- The Best General Cleaning Nozzle
  • Raut- Forward Penetration - Blockage Removal

**Case Included**
Machete Dome Screen Filter

Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension

The Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension acts as the middle link between the jetter nozzle and the safety leader hose. Its essential task
is to halt any abrupt, unforeseen actions of the jetting nozzle while in the drain, safeguarding the operator.

Machete Replaceable Cover

Storage Box and Nozzle Tip Cleaner

Storage Box Dimensions

*Mounted On To Unit*
  • Width: 11.5"
  • Height: 7.5"
  • Depth: 5"

Nozzle Tip Cleaner
Includes 13 spiral cleaning tools and 1 flat file, all neatly stored in a
durable aluminum casing for easy transport and storage.

Get Your

Brute Installed

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A world of nozzles and accessories await

no matter which option you pick !

Customer-Preferred Options

These selections come highly recommended by our customers.

Brute Wheel Cart Kit

Convert Your Brute Jetter For Easy Mobility.

Leader Hose

Leader Hoses Enhance Plumbing Safety and Precision.

Reaper Nozzle

Reaper Nozzles Clear Pipes Efficiently and Effectively.

Warthog WT

Effective at Root Cutting and Blockage Clearing in 3-6" Pipes.

Nozzle Bar

Convenient Nozzle Racks in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Sizes.

Micro Hose Bundle

Small Diameter High-Pressure Hose Kit For Efficient Pipe Cleaning.

Drophead Nozzle

Drop Head Nozzle for Navigating Small Drains.

Auxillary Water-Tank

Increase Your Efficiency On The Job with Additional Water Storage.

Warranty Information for

the brute

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