winterization Instructions

When the weather drops below freezing, ice buildup can lead to serious damage to the jetter. including damage to the water pump, water tank and water lines.

Through proper winterization we can save on costly repairs and down time in the field. While storing the jetter in your shop can protect it from the elements, freezing can still occur while enroute to your job site.

Jetters should only be winterized with RV ANTIFREEZE (PINK IN COLOR).

RV/PINK ANTIFREEZE is more environmentally friendly and less caustic and won't cause premature wear on your jetter's internal components. Do NOT use automotive antifreeze (No Green/No Blue).

RV/PINK ANTIFREEZE can be purchased at any parts store or Walmart. Add up to 15 gallons of the RV/PINK ANTIFREEZE to the jetter's antifreeze system (if the jetter has one) or add to the water tank.

While circulating RV/PINK ANTIFREEZE through your jetter's system the engine and pressure should be on the lowest setting to prevent damage to your equipment.

Whenever possible store the jetter inside and antifreeze to protect from the cold weather.

Don't Forget About

Sock Filter

Sock filter prevents debris in jetter tanks, enhancing performance.

Pressure Disk

Pressure disk releases excess pressure at 4000 PSI, protecting pumps.

Tank Lid

Durable 8" polyethylene tank lid with built-in vent.

O-Ring Head Kit Fits *US Jetting 4018 Hydro Jetter

15 O-ring kit for US Jetting 4018, maintains efficiency.