The Eagle 300

Trailer Jetter

Flow Options Available:
4000 PSI • 18 GPM

(Standard Model)

4000 PSI • 20 GPM

(SW-DWR Model)

Unleash Superior Drain Cleaning Power
with The Eagle 300

Equipped With A Sizable 300-Gallon Water Tank And A Groundbreaking Dual Motor System. This Advanced Configuration Revolutionizes Your Work Experience By Granting You Unparalleled Control Over The Machine's Performance, Precisely Tailored To Each Job.

With Each Engine Responsible For Up To 50% Of The Pressure And Flow, You Can Effortlessly Handle Smaller Tasks Like P-Traps, Grease Traps, And Floor Drains. Moreover, This Versatile Equipment Remains Fully Capable Of Effectively Cleaning Standard Sewer Lines Measuring 4" To 18" When Equipped With The Appropriate Nozzles.

Power, Reliability, and Style

Features a rust-free protective Front-End Enclosure with an Aerodynamic Hood, our models guarantee durability and sophistication. Upgrade today and experience the ultimate combination of power, reliability, and style.
Dimensions: 156" L x 96" W x 72" H
Weight: 1500 Lbs


  • Strong & Durable Paint Coating: Provides Long-Lasting Protection Against Damage.
  • Electric Braking System: Equipped With A Safety Break-Away Actuator For Added Security.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Recessed LED Lighting And Clear Red/White Labels For Improved Visibility.
  • Easy Access Fender-Support: Sturdy Design Doubles As Steps For Convenient Access.
  • Safety-First Front-End Enclosure: Includes A Protective Hood For Increased Safety.
  • Convenient Rear Controls: All Controls Are Conveniently Located At The Rear Of The Trailer For Easy Access And Safety.
  • Swiveling Control Panel: Includes PSI Regulation, Gauge, Pulse Control, Flow Control, And Engine Controls.
  • Adjustable Pulsation System: Mounted On The Control Panel For Customization.
  • UDOR Super Duty Plunger Pumps: Ensures Long-Lasting Durability.
  • Low-Profile Design: Improves Operator Visibility And Includes A Protective Front-End Enclosure With A Hood.
  • Deluxe Wireless Remote Control: Enhances Safety And Efficiency With Comprehensive Control Capabilities.
  • Beacon Light: Comes With A Beacon Light To Enhance Visibility And Safety During Operation.

Unleash job-efficiency and operator safety

Equipped with a wireless Remote Control for effortless control and mounted manual controls near the hose-reel for enhanced safety, our products redefine productivity.


  • Robust Build: Built to endure tough conditions with electric brakes, LED lighting, and convenient toolboxes on both sides.
  • Effortless Hose Management: Swiveling hose reel for precise control over the 500-foot jetting hose.
  • Ample Water Supply: A 300-gallon tank for extended operation, and the ability to transport with a full tank.
  • Organized Storage: Lockable fender-mounted storage boxes keep tools and accessories secure and accessible.
  • Comprehensive Package: Includes jetting nozzles, orifice cleaner tool, Tiger Tail hose guide, and a 10-foot safety leader.
  • High-Performance Pump: Delivers 20-GPM flow rate and 4000-PSI max pressure for efficient cleaning.
  • Dual Fuel-Injected Engines: Liquid-cooled Kawasaki 824cc V-Twin OHV engines for power and durability.
  • Control and Convenience: Ultra-torque 12v power system with adjustable speed control for hose reel.
  • Steady Water Supply: Commercial-duty water supply hose on a secondary reel ensures consistent performance.
  • Durable Wheels: Eye-catching aluminum wheels for stability, backed by a lifetime framework warranty.
  • Customizable Height: A-frame tongue with adjustable-height hitch for tailored trailer height.
  • Stable Transport: Integral water tank mounting saddle with vertical retaining posts, supported by a robust 5,200-GVW rating.
  • Extended Cleaning Sessions: 12-gallon EPA/CARB compliant fuel tank ensures sufficient fuel capacity.

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Below !
The Eagle 300 Trailer Jetter

Navigating The Eagle 300

Control Panels

  • Jetting Controls - all grouped near the Hose-Reel for safe & efficient operation
  • Hose Reel Wind/Unwind with Adjustable-Speed Controller
  • Pressure Adjustment & Gauge
  • Pulsation Control (adjustable pulse intensity)
*All Controls Depicted Are Representative of a DWR-Swivel Model.*
  • Hour Meter for each engine
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Throttle Up/Down
  • Water-Jet Flow Control; ON (pressure to hose/nozzle) / OFF (return water to tank)
  • Beacon Light Control
  • Aux Power Control - Only Available On DWR Models
*All Controls Depicted Are Representative of a DWR-Swivel Model.*

Included With

The Eagle 300 Trailer Jetter

Premier Nozzle Kit

  • General Nozzle- All-around sewer cleaning efficiency.
  • Typhoon Nozzle- Advanced rotating design for continuous cleaning.
  • Arrow Nozzle- Concentrated jets for effective drain clearing.
  • Standard Nozzle- Efficient with 23° water jet maneuverability.
Machete Dome Screen Filter

Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension

The Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension acts as the middle link between the jetter nozzle and the safety leader hose. Its essential task
is to halt any abrupt, unforeseen actions of the jetting nozzle while in the drain, safeguarding the operator.

Tyger-Tail Guide & Safety Leader Hose

Protects and guides hoses in challenging environments and applications.

Safety Leader Hose
Helps signal the end of a jetter hose for added safety and accuracy.

Warranty Information

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The Eagle 300 Trailer Jetter