The EAGLE 600


Flow Options Available:

4000 PSI • 20 GPM

3000 PSI • 23 GPM

At A Glance

  • 600 Gallon Water Tank
  • 500' Piranha Hose
  • Dual Kawasaki Engines
  • Fender Mounted Toolboxes

Why Choose the Eagle

Unveil the Difference

The Eagle-600 (4020/3023) Trailer Jetter Is Designed To Deliver High-performance Results In A Cost-effective Manner. This Trailer Jetter Includes Various Flow Rates To Choose From.

What Sets This Trailer Jetter Apart Is Its Thoughtful Design And Engineering. It Features A Protective Front-end Enclosure With An Aerodynamic Hood, Ensuring Durability And Efficiency Even In Challenging Conditions. Additionally, The "Ultra-torque" Motorized Hose Reel Enhances Ease Of Use And Convenience During Operation.

Navigating The Eagle 600

Control Panels

  • Jetting Controls - all grouped near the Hose-Reel for safe & efficient operation
  • Hose Reel Wind/Unwind with Adjustable-Speed Controller
  • Pressure Adjustment & Gauge
  • Pulsation Control (adjustable pulse intensity)
*All Controls Depicted Are Representative of a DWR-Swivel Model.*
  • Hour Meter for each engine
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Throttle Up/Down
  • Water-Jet Flow Control; ON (pressure to hose/nozzle) / OFF (return water to tank)
  • Beacon Light Control
  • Aux Power Control - Only Available On DWR Models
*All Controls Depicted Are Representative of a DWR-Swivel Model.*


  • Pump Performance Options: Tailor your selection to meet your specific requirements by choosing between multiple flow options.
  • Engine Power: Powered by dual fuel-injected 31-HP (x2) Kawasaki V-Twin OHV engines, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Equipped with a 600-gallon water tank capacity, allowing for extended operation.
  • Water Supply Hose: Includes a 100-foot 3/4" I.D. commercial-duty water-supply hose on the second reel.
  • Towable: With a 9, 900 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) rating, the trailer is towable even when fully loaded with water.
  • Fast-Fill Pipe: Includes a 2-inch fast-fill pipe with an air gap over the water tank for quick refilling.
  • Hose Reel: Features an Ultra-Torque 12v. Power Hose-Reel with Variable Wind-Speed Control for ease of hose management, and a swiveling-base option for added convenience.
  • Storage: Offers a large lockable storage compartment measuring 36 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches for storing equipment and tools.
  • Frame: Built on a robust 5" x 2" tubular steel frame with a lifetime framework warranty, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Hitch: Features an adjustable-height hitch with a 2-5/16" ball coupler, with a pintle-style option available.
  • Fuel Tank: Equipped with a 12-gallon fuel tank to keep the engines running.

The Eagle-600 (4020/3023) Trailer Jetter is packed with a wide range of features and specifications that make it a versatile and reliable choice for various applications.

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*Trailer Shown Above Is An Eagle 600 DWR-Swivel Model*


  • Convenient Controls: All controls are conveniently located together at the rear of the trailer for safety and ease of operation.
  • Dual Udor Super Duty Pumps: Utilizes dual pumps with gearbox-drive, eliminating the need for belt adjustments or replacements.
  • Epoxy Paint Coating: Features a durable epoxy paint coating, with black as the standard color and optional colors available.
  • Fenders: Equipped with flat-top fenders that provide additional mounting surfaces and step-style fender-support gussets.
  • Water-Tank Mounting: Incorporates an integral water-tank mounting saddle with vertical retaining posts that are integral to the trailer frame.
  • Lighting: Includes recessed LED lighting and reflective red/white labeling for visibility and safety.
  • Trailer Design: Utilizes a tandem-axle heavy-duty trailer with chrome wheels and a low-profile design for safe operator visibility.
  • Beacon Light: Comes With A Beacon Light To Enhance Visibility And Safety During Operation.
  • Pulsation System: Features an adjustable, panel-mounted pulsation system.
  • Adjustable-Height Hitch: Offers an adjustable-height hitch, with a standard ball hitch and an optional pintle style.
  • Electric Braking System: Comes with an electric braking system, including a safety break-away actuator.
  • Front-End Enclosure with Hood: Features a protective front-end enclosure with a hood for enhanced durability.

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The Eagle 600 Trailer Jetter

Under the hood

You'll find a Liquid-Cooled/EFI Gas engine combination, delivering a total of 62 HP (Horsepower). This powerful engine setup ensures that the Eagle-600 can handle demanding tasks with ease.

Eagle-600 Trailer Jetter

Premium Performance, Budget-Friendly Price

Furthermore, This Trailer Jetter Comes Equipped With Several Best-in-class Features. Its 5”x 2” Tubular Lifetime Warranty Frame Guarantees Durability And Longevity. You Have Full Control Over Flow And Pressure Settings, Making It Adaptable To Various Cleaning Tasks. The 12v Electric Jetting Hose-reel With Adjustable Wind-speed And Pivoting Hose-guide Enhances User Convenience. All Controls Are Conveniently Located At The Tail End Of The Trailer, Ensuring Easy Access.

Despite Its Impressive Capabilities, The Eagle-600 Trailer Jetter Is Budget-friendly, Providing The Look, Feel, And Performance Of Higher-priced Trailer Jetters. It Offers An Attractive Low-profile Appearance Without The Need For A Significant Investment.

Included With

The Eagle 600 Trailer Jetter

Premier Nozzle Kit

  • General Nozzle- All-around sewer cleaning efficiency.
  • Typhoon Nozzle- Advanced rotating design for continuous cleaning.
  • Arrow Nozzle- Concentrated jets for effective drain clearing.
  • Standard Nozzle- Efficient with 23° water jet maneuverability.
Machete Dome Screen Filter

Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension

The Anti-Turnaround Nozzle-Extension acts as the middle link between the jetter nozzle and the safety leader hose. Its essential task
is to halt any abrupt, unforeseen actions of the jetting nozzle while in the drain, safeguarding the operator.

Tyger-Tail Guide & Safety Leader Hose

Protects and guides hoses in challenging environments and applications.

Safety Leader Hose
Helps signal the end of a jetter hose for added safety and accuracy.

Customer Favorites

Nozzles and Accessories

Reaper Nozzle 1/2

Reaper Nozzle 1/2"

  • Penetrating Nozzle
  • Works Best For Cutting Roots/Debris
Warthog WS with Whip Hose 1/2

Warthog WS with Whip Hose 1/2"

  • Rotating Nozzle
  • Works Best For Scouring Pipes
Fireball Nozzle 1/2

Fireball Nozzle 1/2"

  • Flushing Nozzle
  • Works Best For Removing Sediment
Drop Head Nozzle

Drop Head Nozzle

  • Specialty Nozzle
  • Works Best For P-Traps And Bends


36" Wash Down Gun with Nozzles

  • 36" wand, customizable spray nozzles.
  • Fits 1/2" and 3/8" hoses.
Green Foot Actuated Valve

Green Foot Actuated Valve

  • Foot-operated valve, 12 GPM flow.
  • Durable, high-pressure, multi-purpose valve.
Hand Crank Reel 3/8

Hand Crank Reel 3/8" x 100'

  • Hand-cranked hose reel, 3/8"x100.
  • Durable, 4, 000 psi capacity reel.
Micro Hose With Nozzle

Micro Hose With Nozzle

  • Ultra-small 3/16" hose kit.
  • Cleans tight spaces with precision.

Warranty Information

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The Eagle 600 Trailer Jetter