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8K Topwind Dropleg Jack - Hydro-Max Jetter

8K Topwind Dropleg Jack

SKU: 163-Jack7000

8K Topwind Dropleg Jack

The Topwind Dropleg Jack is a high-quality and reliable lifting solution for your trailer. With a static capacity of 8,000lbs and a lifting capacity of 7,000lbs, this jack is capable of handling even the heaviest loads.

Some of the key features of the Topwind Dropleg Jack include:

  • 15" lift height
  • 2 1/2" diameter outer tube
  • Retracted length of 23.5"
  • Extended length of 54"
  • Drop leg extension of 13.5"

In addition to these features, the jack also boasts a drop leg design for easy and stable positioning of the trailer, as well as a weld-on design for secure and durable attachment to the trailer frame. It also has a sand foot attached for added stability and support, and the outer tube is finished with a black paint while the inner tube is zinc coated for added durability.

Overall, the 8K Topwind Dropleg Jack is a reliable and durable lifting solution for your trailer, capable of handling heavy loads with ease. Its impressive capacities and various features make it a perfect fit for a variety of applications.