Gas Cart Jetter


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  • Pulsation Valve helps move the nozzles through turns and blockages in the pipe
  • Pressure Regulator Valve adjustable by hand, with PSI-Gauge at the pump
  • Flow-Control Valve bypass loop style helps to eliminate heat buildup
  • Mounted Hose-Reel included (can be removed for transport or reversed for storage)
  • Stainless-Steel Mobile Cart

3000-PSI • 5 GPM

Dimensions: 30" Wide x 36" Long x 42" Tall


  • 200 feet of 5/16" Poly Jetting Hose on Removable Hose
  • Reel (1/4” NPT Nozzle)
  • 1.6-gallon Fuel Tank
  • Genuine Honda 13-HP GX390 Engine - Twin-cylinder OHV Gasoline Engine
  • Commercial Grade Udor Triplex Pump with a Brass Head

Included With

Gas Cart Jet

Penetrator Nozzle

Penetrator Nozzle

Efficient, versatile, powerful nozzle for tackling tough plumbing blockages.

Flusher Nozzle

Flusher Nozzle

Durable hex head sewer nozzle, exceptional pulling power, efficient cleaning.

Grease Nozzle

Grease Nozzle

Precision nozzle for plumbers, tackles heavy grease, and root removal.

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