What is a Hydro-Jetter?

A Hydro-Jetter Is A High Pressure Machine Used For Cleaning Sewer And Drain Lines. The Average Hydro-Jetter Can Maintain Between 3000 And 4000 Psi While Pushing Anywhere Between 2-25 Gallons Of Water Per Minute. Often Jetters Come With A Standard Of 300-500 Feet Of 1/2" Or 3/8" Hose. They Generally Carry Their Own Water Source. The Type Of Nozzle Used Would Depends On The Situation. When Using The Proper Nozzle Blockages Stand No Chance! We highly recommend Reaper™ and Warthog Nozzles.


Usually, A Plumber Might Want To Run A Sewer Camera Down The Line, To Try To Determine The Nature Of The Problem. This Will Help Him Pick The Right Nozzle And Ensure The Line Is Intact.

Typically, A Hydro Jetter Would Access The Sewer Line Outside From A Clean Out, A Pipe That Rises Up Above The Sewer Line, Until It Is Above Ground. The Pipe Has A Cap On It To Allow Easy Access To The Sewer Line, When Needed. A Hydro Jetter Can Be Run Inside The House, Typically By Pulling The Toilet Stool, But That Can Get Messy, If There Is High Pressure Back Wash.


If The Problem Is Debris Or Grease Build Up, The Problem Might Never Return, Unless We Are Talking About A Restaurant. Some Restaurants Require Their Drain/sewer Lines Cleaned Due To Excess Of Grease And Scale Build-up. When An Auger Is Used To Open The Line, It Punches Through The Middle Of The Clog. The Hydro Jetter, However, Completely Clears The Clog, As The High Pressure Water Scrubs The Wall Of The Pipe Clean.

Tree Roots Are A Never Ending Problem, As The Roots Are Always Looking For Any Source Of Water And Constantly Growing. To Stop This Problem, You Might Need To Remove The Tree And/or Replace The Sewer Line. If An Auger Is Used To Clear The Roots It May Not Fully Remove The Roots, The Problem May Quickly Return. Using A Hydro-jetter More Completely Removes The Roots, Therefore Extending The Time Before Another Jetting Job May Be Needed. If You Don’t Want To Remove The Tree Or Replacing The Line Isn’t On Your Budget, You May Want To Consider Having A Hydro Jetting Of The Line Scheduled Regularly.