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ENZ® Cutting Ball Nozzle 1/2" - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Cutter
Jets 1/2": 6 Rotating
1/2" Thrust: 6 Rotating/3R

ENZ® Cutting Ball Nozzle 1/2"

SKU: 361-420.070A

ENZ® Cutting Ball Nozzle 1/2"

The enz® cutting ball works without impact, but has the ability to switch in vibration. The cutting ball is equipped with a hard metal front cut for pipes that are more than 50% clogged. The side blades are self-sharpening and maintain their sharpness over their entire service life.
The cutting ball's area of application is diverse. Due to its spherical shape it goes easily around curves without damaging the pipe. The cutting ball is leakage-free and can be operated with recycling water.


  • Interlaced roots
  • Mineral deposits
  • Lime scale