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ENZ® Chain Scraper 1/4" - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Scraper
Jets 1/4": 3 Rotating/3R

ENZ® Chain Scraper 1/4"

SKU: 361-10.028N

ENZ® Chain Scraper 1/4"

The Chain scraper enz® is an apparatus which has many uses and is simple in handling and maintenance. Several different pipe diameters can be cleaned with the same tool. Layers of mineral deposits and concrete residues are efficiently removed.


  • As preliminary operation before renovation with in-liners, coatings or by injections
  • Complete root removal
  • Removal of incrustations and deposits
  • Removal of concrete residues in newly installed sewage pipelines prior to inspection

  • For use in Pipe Sizes: 2"-4"

    5 GPM up to 5000 PSI