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Piranha Hose Menders 1/2" - Hydro-Max Jetter

Piranha Hose Menders 1/2"

SKU: 215-M-1/2-3

Piranha Hose Menders

It is crucial to use the correct menders with thermoplastic hoses. In the case of Piranha® Sewer Cleaning Hose, the inner tube is always yellow, as designated by WASTEC. To ensure proper compatibility, all components including the hose material, fittings, menders, and tools are color coded yellow. Additionally, the installation of end fittings and menders for Piranha® sewer hose requires a swaging machine provided by Piranha®.

These Hose Menders are factory OEM supplied from Piranha® Hose Products. They are not aftermarket, therefore maintaining safety and product integrity.

All assembly tooling is designed and manufactured to be compatible with the Piranha® Hose Products supplied swaging machines.

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