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Raptor Nozzle (Flexible Guide Skid) 1" - Hydro-Max Jetter

BLUESTAR Raptor Nozzle (Flexible Guide Skid) 1"

SKU: 335-10324-1

Raptor Nozzle (Flexible Guide Skid) 1"

The Raptor Chain Cutter is an extremely powerful and innovative tool to remove heavy obstructions caused by roots, grease, mineral deposits or other solid organic material in no time.

The Chain Retainer is driven by a high performance turbine which doesn’t require any lubrication. Off sets? No problem, the Raptor Chain Cutter comes with a unique, continuously adjustable guide skid 6” - 12”.

This highly effective hydrodynamic tool is made of tempered stainless steel and comes with ceramic nozzle inserts.

The Raptor Chain Cutter can easily be converted from a root cutter to a total blockage remover by unscrewing the chain retainer and assembling the drill head.