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BLUESTAR Stealth Nozzle 1", 1 1/4" - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Flushing
Jets 1": 8R
Angles 1": 12°/18°

BLUESTAR Stealth Nozzle 1", 1 1/4"

SKU: 335-10101S

Stealth Nozzle 1"

The Stealth Nozzle is precision engineered and manufactured from wear resistant tempered steel. It features alternating jet angles of 12 and 18 degrees, providing powerful traction and effective cleaning performance to remove sand, silt, and obstructions from sewer and storm lines.

The Stealth Nozzle is designed with optimized hydro mechanics, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. Additionally, the nozzle features replaceable, threaded stainless steel inserts, making maintenance and repairs easy and cost effective.

With its rear water jet angles of 12 and 18 degrees, the Stealth Nozzle is the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining sewer and storm lines. Try it today and experience the power and effectiveness of the Stealth Nozzle!


  • Optimized Hydro Mechanics
  • Replaceable, threaded stainless steel nozzle inserts
  • Rear water jet angles of 12° and 18°

Hose Connection Length Diameter Inserts Water Jet Angles Flow Rate (GPM)



1" 7.6" 4" 8x SW14 ASK 12°/18° 50-80 8"-24" 17.7 lbs.