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Twister Nozzle 3/4", 1" - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Rotating
Jets 3/4": 6R/4Rotating
1": 6R/4Rotating
Angles 3/4": 60°/12°/18°
1": 60°/12°/18°

BLUESTAR Twister Nozzle 3/4", 1"

SKU: 335-10890SC

Twister Nozzle 1/2", 1"

Twister Rotary Sewer Nozzle: the ultimate tool for cleaning 6" to 24" sewer and storm-water pipelines.

With four propulsion jets, a stainless steel body, and no lubrication required, the Twister nozzle is built to withstand even the toughest conditions. It's also equipped with a rigid skid and an optional, rugged, adjustable guide skid for added stability and control.

The Twister nozzle also features high-performance, replaceable threaded ceramic nozzle inserts, making it incredibly efficient and effective at cleaning even the most stubborn blockages. And because it can be used with both recycled and potable water, it's a cost-effective solution that's easy on the environment.


  • Replaceable threaded ceramic nozzle inserts
  • Stainless steel body
  • Reduced operating costs


  • Unrivaled performance, high efficiency
  • It can be used with recycled and potable water
  • Low maintenance, no lubrication required