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BLUESTAR Viper Chain Cutter 1" - Hydro-Max Jetter

BLUESTAR Viper Chain Cutter 1"

SKU: 335-10400-1

Viper Chain Cutter 1"

The Viper Chain Cutter is a revolutionary tool designed to quickly and easily remove heavy obstructions from pipes. With a high-performance turbine that doesn't require any lubrication, the Viper Chain Cutter can easily cut through roots, grease, mineral deposits, and other solid organic materials.

The Chain Retainer on the Viper Chain Cutter is adjustable, allowing you to use it on pipes with different offsets. It comes with three different guide skid sizes (10” - 16”, 16"- 28" and 28" - 48") to ensure a perfect fit on any pipe.

Made of tempered stainless steel with ceramic nozzle inserts, the Viper Chain Cutter is built to last. It's recommended for use on pipes with a 1" nozzle and a diameter of 16"-28".