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Warthog WG-1" Nozzle - Hydro-Max Jetter
Warthog WG-1" Nozzle - Hydro-Max Jetter
Applications Rotating
Jets 1": 2R/1F
Angles 1": 142°R/15°F

Warthog WG-1" Nozzle

SKU: 200-WG1-Pkg

Warthog WG-1 1" Nozzle

The Warthog 1” Rotary Sewer Nozzle was designed for waterjet cleaning of pipes and sewer lines. Jet thrust powers rotation of the head and pulls the tool thru the line. The Warthog WG-1 has a 1” NPT threaded inlet nut. The inlet is also available in BSP threads. The WG-1 is capable of working pressures up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and flow rates of 50 to 80 gpm. The unit is filled with a thick viscous fluid that controls the rotation speed. The nozzle orifice sizes should match the operating conditions of pressure and flow desired. Hose length and size must be known to correctly determine the proper orifice sizes.

** Please call us for more information about the descaler head. **

The WG-1 Nozzle by StoneAge is the proven choice for municipal, industrial and commercial drain cleaning applications. Predominantly used in large combination trucks and large jetter trucks with 1" sewer hose, the WG-1 is field-maintainable for low cost of ownership, and are fitted with StoneAge's replaceable AP2 nozzle tips sized to maximize pump efficiency and effectiveness. The nozzle has a controlled rotation for longer dwell time allowing the jets to penetrate deeper through deposits. The nozzle jet tips are made of hardened stainless steel to resist cracking and scratching.

For your convenience, you may want to consider using a Tyger-Tail or a leader hose.

Descaler models combine the benefit of the WG-1 design along with having a descaler type head. This allows a higher level of cleaning when scale, tuberculation, corrosive products, soaps and minerals build up on the sewer walls, especially in lines with numerous bends and transitions. The WG-1 series nozzles can operate in lines from 8" to 36" with flows between 50 and 80 GPM up to 5000 PSI. Meet the municipal "workhorse"!

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The most important item in maintaining the Warthog is keeping the tool full of viscous fluid. The tool also has a high pressure seal and seat that will need to be replaced if the tool begins to leak water from under the Weep Seal. The tool may leak water at low pressure intermittently, but if it leaks at operating pressure, it is time to change the seal.
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